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Telling Ladies They Need To Enjoy Hookups Is Not Liberating

Telling Ladies They Need To Enjoy Hookups Is Not Liberating

Amy Schumer happens to be obtaining lot of press recently. Heralded due to the fact pop-culture face of feminist comedy, Schumer has indeed done some very nice work unpacking the idiocy and harms of sexism, rape culture, and intimate physical violence. But as she gets folded in to the Hollywood juggernaut along with her film that is new trainwreck Schumer has increasingly become an element of the issue, maybe not the answer.

The tale of Trainwreck flips things around through the conventional formula that is rom-com. Your ex could be the player; the person may be the person who desires dedication. Your ex is hoping he won’t call, whereas the males like LeBron James giggle and blush during the looked at “sexual sexual intercourse!” While to many this flip from reality might be hilarious, it is well well worth taking a minute to pause and acknowledge just simply how much it is a flip from truth. In actual life, females suffer much better from hookup sex compared to the movie portrays.


Well-known for its poster showing Schumer keeping a container of booze in a drunken state and its trailer that starts down using the chant “monogamy . . . is not . . . practical,” Trainwreck has billed it self as being a movie about hookup intercourse and undergoing a emotional makeover. Then you may have seen some of Judd Apatow’s films that specialize in adult males locked in adolescent immaturity until they find loving women who nurture them into being grownups if this sounds like a familiar trope. Due to the fact manager and producer of Trainwreck , Apatow made a twist to the now-tedious narrative by simply making the “girl” the screwup looking for preserving. The movie fails on a lot of amounts, not least because although hookup sex can be a hook that is great which to create a “comedy,” it really is neither enjoyable nor funny for most ladies.