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Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

You need ton’t be amazed that a grouped community of individuals called “LGBTQQIAS” will be fans of acronyms. They started off as Homosexual, then Gay, then Gay and Lesbian, then GLBT, then LGBTQ, and when it absolutely was settled that the amalgamation of letters ended up being restricted neither by convenience nor by everybody knowing what the letters are a symbol of, it went entropically away from control.

Truth be told, a significant institution in homosexual culture is always to determine ideas too complicated to match into solitary terms through acronyms. And there are numerous of these.

If you run into a D&DF guy to locate a LTR, UB2, who’s an associate of this MSU GSA and QPOC, expect you’ll embrace a spanish.

“LGBTQQIAAS” means lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and right. Sometimes conservative gay people along with conservative right individuals contemplate it “political correctness run amok” that they need to keep in mind dozens of letters to prevent critique. In fact, they’ve never been criticized, and do not will likely be criticized, for maybe not remembering most of the letters, because no body recalls most of the letters, with no you have ever told them they should.